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Meet Philippe Rudisill.

“Phil” has been with the company Arbor Works, since 2005, long before the merger and creation of Arbor Pros. Phil’s older brother Travis was also a part of our tree family in the beginning for about 5 years before his passing. We remember Travis and miss his energetic, lively and witty spirit that kept us on our toes. Philippe carries his torch and the Rudisill name onward.

Phil is an exceptional ornamental tree and shrub pruning artist. I have watched his passion for artistic pruning develop over the 14 years that we have worked together. He understands how trees grow and respond to proper or improper pruning and he delivers quality work. Another passion of Phil’s is safety. He has always been attentive to our industry standards for safety and not only abided by those standards but also actively coaches those around him to think and act more safe. What would we do without this guy!!!

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