It is alarming to me that some people ignore the looming trees overhead until they have to act out of reaction instead of proactively managing their trees. This blog video is a small example of a hardly visible tree risk that most tree owners do not notice. These subtle tree risks are why it is important to have a certified arborist in Tallahassee come inspect your trees every 1-3 years.

Serious, we live in Tallahassee, the #1 Tree City in the United States. That statement is no joke, we are the #1 city per population and infrastructure having the most amount of tree canopy coverage more than any other city in the country. We have 55% coverage by trees hanging over our city! WOW!!! We should be proud of that and embrace our role as “The Tree City.”

With that role of being the Tree City and as a tree owner, you must manage your trees. You see, trees have life spans much like humans. Trees grow tall and slender in their early ages and they are very flexible much like a teenager. In their middle ages they tend to reach maximum height and start widening in the middle like a middle aged man’s waistline. As trees turn the point from middle aged to mature the vascular system slows down; Resistance to pests gets worse; Wounds turn to rot as the healing process is not as effective anymore; Joints and unions break down causing parts of the tree to break off and fall. This time of maturity is when a tree is usually at it’s most dangerous phase. They need different things at different times of their lives. They need more monitoring the older they get, just like people.

Our focus at Arbor Pros, Tallahassee’s Expert Tree Company, is to reduce tree risk to our clients. That starts with a Tree Health & Hazard Inspection which our expert arborists assess trees on your property that have targets and determine if there are any hidden risks. You will be educated to those risk found if any, and we will present options to either minimize the risk or eliminate the risk by removing the tree.

Either way you will not be “pushed” into “buying” our services. You will be educated to the tree issues found so that you can make an educated decision on how to handle those tree issues.

In north Florida trees grow fast and since trees have life spans, they too need regular “Dr.” check ups. There is not an exact time frame to follow when inspecting your trees for hazards. A good rule of thumb is to plan to have an assessment done once per year. After consulting with an arborist you should be able to determine the best intervals to perform inspections. If you have relatively young trees then you could probably wait three years between hazard tree inspections. If you have an older tree (or older trees) then you might want to stay with an annual inspection plan because in an older tree and a lot can change in a year.

No matter what, be proud of the Tree City that we live in and do your part…



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