A panel of certified arborists summonsed the removal of this old growth live oak tree in front of the historic state Capitol of Florida. The live oak tree had decay all the way through both sides of the lower trunk, it was co-dominant and had old corroded steel hardware installed. The tree was only a few feet away from the building which is a tourist attraction to our city. The work zone was on new paver stone surface and the entire area was very delicate. With good planning and preparation this project went off without a hitch. As a matter of fact, we did it with “swag.” Thank you to the State or Florida for allowing us to be a part. We love the history of this building and we are working for future generations. There is an appropriate re-planting plan that will position trees further away from the front of the building and species selection will be native and follow our topography. What a very cool project to be involved with.

“Protecting People, Property & Trees” through Tree Risk Inspection…. ask for one…

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