Dead pines everywhere oh yes they are. So I write this in November of 2019 and after three years of hurricane hits to our area our trees are stressed out and dying.
Pay attention but there are literally dead pines everywhere. I play a game in the truck with my two boys, four and seven years old, spotting dead pines is quite an active car ride game…. try it and keep count!
Back to business – here is a video of a beetle infested dead pine tree being removed by the Arbor Pros. Trees like this are dying all over the place and talk on the streets is shifting from hurricane and tree discussions to discussions about beetles.
“Oh the d@*#! beetles are gonna kill all my trees”
Maybe…. maybe not. That can be tough to predict, but what we do know is that the wind loading has stressed the trees out. When they sway so drastically, and three years in a row, internal cracking and fractures are happening. These damages cause the trees to use more energy in healing. Then they become stressed, weak, depleted, and then ultimately are susceptible to invasion by beetles.
So healthy trees do have immune systems which do keep the beetles out. The hard part is identifying these wind loaded stressed trees in advance so that those can be protected with pesticide. Once the visible signs of pine tree stress show up it more times than not turns into a tree removal job.
Tree owners out there, please look up, look up often so you spot these dying trees. When a tree gets too dead it becomes more dangerous for tree workers to remove it and the cost for removing it goes up.
So please spot your dead trees fast and report to Arbor Pros by phone or website to make your request.
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