2.15 – NEIGHBOR’S TREES:  Now this can be a touchy subject worthy of it’s own educational report titled “Trees and the Law… How to Avoid the Legal Food Chain.” But in this report we are simply going to instruct you to assess your neighbors’ trees which may negatively affect you. Of course, you will need permission to legally be on their property so I always recommend just performing a visual inspection and when a red flag is raised, do the morally correct thing and knock on the neighbor’s door.  Let them know your concern, ask them if they are aware of it or what they think about the concern which will open the door for communication and progress together.  On the other hand, they ignore you, they take no action and you have to put them on notice for being negligent. Get a certified arborist to assess the tree and write a professional opinion, send it via certified mail with return receipt and share that with your insurance company and if you have one, your lawyer. I still firmly believe in knocking on the door and doing it the old-fashioned way which always produces better results especially when dealing with someone you have to live next door to!


At this point you have identified your questionable trees; you think that you may need further professional help so it is time to set an appointment with a certified arborist. 

We would love to assist you when you get to that point so please visit www.ArborPros.com to request a Free Estimate or Request a Tree Risk Inspection.

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