In this tree hugger video certified arborist Cory Wilson is filming Taylor Passetti who is working the ends of this hickory tree in Betton Hills area of Tallahassee. The tree is healthy. The tree is so healthy that the limbs and branch ends are fluffy. The branch ends are so fluffy they are at risk for wind whip and snap failures.

Let me back up a little. You see I have a long history with this tree as our friends and long time clients own it. Over the years we have removed several taller pines from around this young healthy hickory tree. In its younger life it has been growing tall and leggy while looking for sunlight. Now that the pine trees have been removed the hickory tree is fluffing out with leaf growth. The trunk taper and thickness of diameter has not yet caught up to the fluffy ends which are all over the roof of the house. So heavy branch ends and a target as valuable as a house calls for the following….

Wind thinning and weight reduction pruning is ideal for the scenario described above. It allows you to maintain that asset tree in your yard. After all it was so healthy it deserves a chance for a long life benefiting humans!


“Protecting People, Property & Trees”

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