Holy cow this jaw dropping view from the perspective of certified arborist Cory Wilson up this 130’ tall vine covered pine is outrageous!!!!! That was a mouthful but I’m telling you he is on point.

The tree risk inspection revealed several decays spots near the base. Trees are like levers in the wind so when the wind blows and applies forces (the tree sways back and forth) and the most amount of force applied is to the base of the tree. Since decay is the weak link where trees always fail, the lower on the trunk the decay is, the more forces of wind loading are being applied makes this dangerous. WHAT!?!?

Basically if you have a tree with decay down low on the main trunk that’s a big deal and you might have to cut it down. Decay on the lower trunk means the whole tree will fall instead of just parts of the tree.

So this super tall pine tree being so tall has sooooo much leveraging forces being applied during windy times, and decay in the base and VINES!!!!

Vines create extra weight and wind loading. Trees are pretty much just giant sails in the wind and when vines hang on trees they pretty much make the sail much larger catching more wind…… catastrophe waiting to happen.

Cut your vines around the base of your trees to kill the vines and keep them from getting worse. Oh my gosh vines are the devil!!!!

So the arborist will leave this tree trunk cut about 30’ tall otherwise known as a habitat pole for birds and critters to use. He cut it short enough that one day when it falls it will not hit the house.

By the way this client is awesome. We have serviced this fantastic property for over ten years and have been watching this tree for almost that long. I love when a tree client delivers that much faith in our expertise. We love trees and love to make happy living between people and trees. We co-exist well.

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