In the olden days they yelled TIMBERRRRRRR but times have changed and now the Arbor Pros say… STAND CLEAR!!!

The safest place to be when felling a tree is as far away as possible. In this sick little video cut (no pun) the sawer does a great job of setting up his directional pull rope, then cutting his directional notch, then setting up the hinge perfect with a back cut, then he steps far far away out of harms way and gives the command. BOO-Ya! Nice cut, nicely executed and the video clip even captures the hinge wood which is actually the fibers of the tree that the chainsaw operator intentionally leaves to “steer” the tree down to the ground. Its a skill that leaves your heart racing with Adrenalin every time and that’s why we come back for more!

So check out that HingeWood and when you need trees felled or removed call the pros… the Arbor Pros.

“Protecting People, Property & Trees”

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