As the title reads ohhhhh my dead pine in a bad spot surrounded by primary power lines on a fast moving one way street In mid-town Tallahassee which could have lead to catastrophe! But wait… the Arbor Pros showed up and with crane assisted tree removal we safely and predictably picked up and set down the dead trees. There were actually three in total all in the same area in which lightning appeared to strike one. The shock grounds into the surrounding root systems and distressed the conifers. Now stress and shock set in they become vulnerable to boring insects AKA BEETLES!!! Beetles are not the starting problem but they sure will finish off a stressed out weak tree. This is a problem lately in the panhandle of Florida. Recent hurricanes have left remnant damages to a lot of north Florida and Tallahassee’s trees. Inspect your trees there are systemic treatments to prevent invasion into a prized tree.

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