Solar panels are gaining popularity. Everyone wants to do their part right? In this video we do our part by pruning low cherry tree limbs away from the homeowner’s house to allow sunlight for solar panels. The cherry tree was the only impedance and not a super nice specimen tree, just an average wild cherry volunteering to grow between the house and over the new solar panels.

So I call these types of clients solar seekers.

The need for sunlight is most often to allow the lawn to grow better. When people need their grass to thrive they immediately look up to the shading trees and the battle begins between turf grass and trees.

As arborists we tend to love the trees more than the lawn but we get it, folks like a nice lawn!

Arbor Pros can assess your needs for sunlight, offer opinions on how much light could be gained by pruning, then assist by performing proper pruning to the offending trees.

If there is no way to salvage a tree because pruning will be too excessive, we will tell you. Tree removal then becomes an option if there are not neighboring trees in the backdrop that could also cast shade.

Think of Arbor Pros Expert Tree Company when you need more sunlight, let us know you are a “solar seeker” and have a great day!!!!

“Protecting People, Property & Trees”

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