Crew Leader


Job Type: Full-time            Current pay scale: $22-$32 per hour

Performance based incentives to be decided. 

Primary function:

As a crew leader, you will be a working-leader responsible for managing a tree crew for completion of assigned production jobs in a manner that maximizes the use of resources, assures safe operations, and assures completion of each job for best customer satisfaction.  Supervisor:

As a crew leader you will report to the operations manager. 


We provide proper job training, workers compensation insurance along with contributions to a health care package and also to a Roth IRA after time conditions are met. We also offer AFLAC through payroll deductions. We offer 6 paid holidays.1 Week of paid time off after 1 year and 2 weeks after 2 years. 

Employment requirements:

  1. Must have a driver’s license. (No exceptions)
  2. You must provide a motor vehicle report (your MVR) to us and pass our insurance and company driving policy requirements.
  3. Must be able to obtain and maintain first-aid certification.
  4. Must demonstrate competence in the “team member” & “climber” positions before being able to be a crew leader. Refer to those job descriptions.
  5. You must demonstrate good leadership skills and strive to strengthen yourself in that area. We will help.
  6. Must become a certified arborist within the first 12 months in position.

Job responsibilities:

  1. Deliver the highest level of customer service.
  2. Always conduct oneself in a professional manner for the good of the company.
  3. Consciously monitor safety at all times. 
  4. Monitor use of team member’s personal protective equipment (PPE)
  5. Actively leads the “job and safety analysis” meeting before every job.
  6. Safeguard other employees and the public from hazards in and around the work area.
  7. Uphold the “command/response” method of communication all the time. 
  8. Understand the dangers associated with electrical hazards and teach others.
  9. Ensure staff can use and maintain chainsaws and equipment safely.
  10. Ensure all equipment is safe and stored where it belongs and ready to deploy.
  11. Ensures the work area is kept clean and orderly.
  12. Provide safety training and assure safety compliance of production staff at all times.
  13. Prepare safety incident reports and recommend remedial action or further training, as needed.
  14. Manage personnel issues of own staff/crew; consult operations manager regarding staff retention, promotion, hiring, and termination.
  15. Maintain consistent communications throughout the day with direct reports and with operations manager.
  16. Collect sales payments from customers upon job completion; assure sales collections are forwarded to the controller.
  17. Assure that customer concerns and questions are handled correctly and courteously.
  18. Review daily timesheets of own crew staff assuring accuracy.
  19. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Pay Scale:

Pay rates are based on the following achievements & will help you climb the pay scale. 

  1. You have led or managed a tree crew previously with success but not at this company.
  2. You have already moved through the “tree crew team member” position successfully.
  3. You have moved through the “climber/bucket operator” position successfully.
  4. You have performed well in performance reviews with this company following the path.
  5. You meet the daily, weekly and monthly quotas for production.
  6. You exceed the daily, weekly and monthly quotas for production. 
  7. You are a certified arborist by now.
  8. A CDL class A license is a benefit.
  9. You have leadership skills and it’s no secret that you constantly work to improve those skills through reading and studying leadership. 
  10. You re-create more workers like yourself. Motivated, well-trained individuals who look and act the part and follow industry standards to the highest standards.


Item 1 means that we do not have any internal options ready to promote from within.
Items 2-4 shows your commitment to this company and ability to move through the ranks landing you at the entry level crew leader spot.
Items 5-8 will prove that you are effective at your job.
Items 9-10 prove that you are highly effective at your job and maxing the pay scale.
All applicants will be tested and background checked to confirm competency in these areas. If you are interested and qualified, then please fill out the online application form found at this link: 

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