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Our knowledgeable I.S.A. Certified Arborists will assist you on your expert arborist needs. Our focus is to Protect People and Property from risky trees by identifying trees that need help and those that need to be removed. We pride ourselves on the Tree Risk Inspection process which is meant to find tree issues and provide solutions to make the tree(s) safe again or remove them if they cannot be made more safe.

Other Expert Arborist needs that we can provide are Certified arborist consultations in Tallahassee and surrounding areas offering Tree Risk Assessments, Tree Mitigation, Letters of Opinion, Expert Witness Consultant, Tree Maintenance Planning, Tree Decay inspections, Tree Health and Hazard Inspections.

As an arborist I find it so interesting how trees are so much like people. The way a tree grows and changes throughout its life is eerily similar to human life span. Trees grow tall and skinny in their early years just trying to reach sunlight for food. They are flexible in this younger part of life as they play and sway around in the wind they resist falling down and getting broken. Now the tree is middle aged and it has been growing strong, its head is full of hair, I mean foliage, it is strong and sturdy now, but wait… the tree is widening out in the middle now that it is middle aged. The trunk becomes a bit more rigid taking a strong hold as it widens out. Now as the tree matures its vascular system slows down and the wood and tissues start to deteriorate without proper blood flow, I mean nutrient flow. At this point in a trees life it is more susceptible to fall over due to weak joints and back cavities causing weakness.

We try to manage trees at different parts of their life spans differently. A doctor would not prescribe the same recovery rehab to a 10 year old as he would a 65 year old would he?

We love trees but have a realistic outlook that protecting people and property come first and the trees a close second!

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