“Sometimes you’ll need a lift…”


Tree removal with a crane, no problem. Arbor Pros sister company is All American Crane & Rigging and both companies have equally shared ownership. That means that Arbor Pros Expert Tree Company has many cranes to choose from to fit to your crane removal tree project needs. We control the scheduling of the cranes unlike most of our local tree service competitors therefore we will be more reliable and on time with the right equipment to perform your tree removal.

Our crane services are available for outside hire performing crane truss work, steel work, roofing material, air conditioning sets, hot tub and pool sets and other lifting or riggings services.

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Tree removal using a crane might be necessary when there is no where to drop the tree. Sometimes people build decks around mature trees requiring the necessity of using a boom truck or crane. Other times we use cranes to remove trees because it is the safest means to remove trees. Like if a tree is too dead to safely climb, we would not put any team member in harms way. Using a crane to cut down trees makes the project more efficient, faster and safer. When there is room to use a crane and the surrounding environment is good, it makes better sense to rely on the boom truck or truck crane rather than climbing the trees and cutting them down the old-fashioned way. Cranes are very heavy and may cause collateral damage to concrete and yards. We put down a lot of plywood to prevent such damage the best possible. Our front-end practice is to assess this risk of damage before deciding to use this heavy piece of equipment in any client’s yard. We try to warn every client if we see risk of damage happening so that client may make the decision to proceed or plan differently

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