“Who wants to see that old stump anyhow?”


After having a tree removed or a tree uproot in your yard the standard process for final removal of the tree’s stump is stump grinding. A stump grinding machine has a large wheel on the front of the machine that holds grinding teeth. As this wheel turns very fast, the teeth take off shavings or slivers of the stump creating mulch. Essentially the stump is ground down to a pile of mulch that can be cleaned up and leveled off. We normally grind a stump approximately 6” below ground level and clean up the excess of mulch that is left after grinding a stump. You may not want to grind the trees stumps if they are out of sight or out of the way and you may save a little money on the cost of services by doing so. We can price the service of stump grinding separately so that you may make the decision for yourself.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


Q: Do you remove the entire stump, roots and all?

A: No. Stump grinding is only meant to make the stump not visible anymore by grinding or “shaving” down the low cut trunk into little pieces which can then be moved or clean up. The lower woody part of the stump will remain in the ground along with the entire root system which will all rot within a few years.

Q: Do I have to grind the stump?

A: No you do not. Reasons that you might need to grind a stump is simply for aesthetics so it is out of sight; if you need to drive over the area after it is gone; if it is very close to your house it could attract boring insects or wood destroying organisms too close to your home.

Q: How deep do you grind?

A: Normal grinding depth is approximately 6” below ground level but that is dependent on the grade of the ground and or obstacles around or “in” the stump, ex: nearby concrete edge, old pieces of metal that the stump grew around.

Q: What is the deepest you can grind?

A: The machine can go around 16” below ground level when on flat ground. Anything more may require an excavator to dig the stump out. 

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