Job Type: Full-time Current pay scale: $18-$25 per hour

Performance based incentives to be decided.

Primary function:

As a stump grinder operator you are to serve as a valuable member of a crew with the primary responsibility of grinding stumps, but also a wide area of services to assist crew leaders and the operations manager.


As a stump grinder operator you will report to your assigned crew leader.


We provide proper job training, workers compensation insurance along with contributions to a health care package and also to a Roth IRA after time conditions are met. We also offer AFLAC through payroll deductions. We offer 6 paid holidays.1 Week of paid time off after 1 year and 2 weeks after 2 years.

Employment requirements:

  1. Must meet “Tree Crew Team Member” position requirements first.
  2. Must have a driver’s license. (No exceptions)
  3. You must provide a motor vehicle report (your MVR) to us and pass our insurance and company driving policy requirements.
  4. Must be able to obtain and maintain first-aid certification.
  5. Must be able to work outdoors sometimes during adverse weather conditions.
  6. Occasional Saturday work but on a rotating basis with other team members.

Job responsibilities:

  1. Must acceptably meet “tree crew team member” position requirements first.
  2. Maintain your grinding machine, truck and the trailer. Daily. Maintenance is priority.
  3. Keep your equipment clean. 
  4. Grind stumps as assigned by your crew leader.
  5. Fill in as a “tree crew team member” when the team is short on help.
  6. Provides assistance in running of supplies or parts to assist completion of jobs.
  7. Tows a tractor instead of stump grinder when the tractor hauling truck needs service. 
  8. Serve outside stump jobs as directed by operations manager.
  9. Assist in finding new work. Be a salesman of your machine to create outside jobs.
  10. Always conduct oneself in a professional manner for the good of the company. 
  11. Perform all required duties in support of specific job assignments.

Pay Scale:

Pay rates are based on the following achievements & will help you climb the pay scale. 

  1. Experienced at working on a tree crew and very familiar with the tools, equipment and methods used to accomplish this work with a team. 
  2. You are already part of our team and have proven competency in the position of “tree crew team member.”
  3. You have a proven history of competent truck driving skills.
  4. You have run some kind of stump grinder before.
  5. You are an experienced stump grinder operator with a proven history.
  6. You can meet our daily jobs/dollar quota consistently. 
  7. You can exceed our daily jobs quota consistently.


Item 1 means that you are hired for attitude and may have some tree crew experience. You are expected to be trainable to advance. 

Items 2-3 means that you have been entry level tested by leadership and passed.

Item 4 means you have minimal experience on a machine.

Item 5 means you can hit the ground ready to grind and work. 

Item 6 means you are near or at the top of pay scale.

Item 7 means that you now can benefit from incentives. 

 All applicants will be tested and background checked to confirm competency in these areas. If you are interested and qualified, then please fill out the online application form found at this link: 

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