Job Type: Full-time Current pay scale: $18-$28 per hour

Primary function:

As a tree climber/bucket truck operator you are to serve as a team member of your crew with the primary responsibility of climbing and assisting crew leaders in the safe performance of all services.


As a tree climber/bucket truck operator you will report to your crew leader.

We provide proper job training, workers compensation insurance along with contributions to a health care package and also to a Roth IRA after time conditions are met. We also offer AFLAC through payroll deductions. We offer 6 paid holidays.1 Week of paid time off after 1 year and 2 weeks after 2 years.

Employment requirements:

  1. Must meet “Tree Crew Team Member” position requirements first.
  2. Must have a driver’s license. (No exceptions)
  3. You must provide a motor vehicle report (your MVR) to us and pass our insurance and company driving policy requirements.
  4. Must be able to obtain and maintain first-aid certification.
  5. Must be able to demonstrate working knowledge of the following job responsibilities.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Must meet “Tree Crew Team Member” job requirements in addition to the following list.
  2. Shall protect workers below by using the “command/response” method.
  3. Shall be familiar with electrical hazards, appropriate operating procedures when

in proximity to electrical conductors and aerial techniques in the event of an

emergency aloft.

  1. Knowledgeable about the daily maintenance and safe operation of all equipment commonly used in tree care.
  2. Must be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of all knots, ropes and rigging

devices used in tree trimming and removal operations.

  1. Must know and understand all approved operating procedures that apply to the

climber job description.

  1. Thoroughly perform a visual hazard assessment including root collar, crown stability, cavities, electrical hazards. Do this every time before you climb.
  2. Must be able to work and maneuver at considerable heights under varying and

sometimes adverse weather conditions.

  1. You shall not ever become unattached from the tree while aloft.
  2. You shall always maintain two points of attachment while using chainsaws aloft.
  3. Must possess physical strength and agility, good balance, good depth perception

and the ability to hear verbal instructions from a distance.

  1. Must be able to use a throw ball and maintain the string tangle free.
  2. Must be able to climb and descend trees using rope and safety

saddle; to learn, administer and implement emergency rescue techniques,

including tree rescue and all applicable first aid techniques; must be able to

quickly remove him/herself from a potential danger area.

  1. Shall perform professional tree maintenance activities as directed by the crew leader.
  2. Shall help to maintain and keep track of all tools and/or equipment used in daily


  1. Shall constantly observe and practice climbing and tree maintenance skills in a

continued effort to improve his own professional skills.

  1. Learn to identify the basic trees and shrubs common to our area.
  2. Develop a basic understanding of tree growth.
  3. Demonstrate and practice proper pruning skills.
  4. Demonstrate and practice proper rigging skills.
  5. Shall use all equipment and perform all jobs safely, making accident prevention a

part of daily conduct.

  1. Shall be ready and willing to assist other crew members in all aspects of daily

activities and shall be capable of taking a leadership role when required.

Pay Scale:

Pay rates are based on the following achievements & will help you climb the pay scale.  

  1. Have demonstrated your ability to perform well as a “tree crew team member” so go read that job description. 
  2. Participates from start to finish of every job, not just the climbing/bucket portions.
  3. Participates actively in a “job and safety analysis” meeting before every job. 
  4. Can demonstrate your knowledge and ability to properly inspect your life support  gear and rigging gear for wear or safety concerns.
  5. Can demonstrate pre-climb tree risk inspections and has a good understanding of tree structure and soundness of wood.
  6. Works up a plan, and then works the plan. Your gear is ready for fast deployment. Until you are up the tree, there is no production.
  7. Is proficient with a throw ball and line setting.
  8. Is versed in rope climbing techniques and can move around in a decurrent tree canopy.
  9. Is comfortable with or without climbing spikes.
  10. Is proficient with rigging and roping techniques. 
  11. Is proficient with tree removal with a crane.
  12. Understands proper tree pruning methods.
  13. If you have a CDL that is a huge plus and a CDL class A is what we prefer.
  14. You have led or managed a tree crew.
  15. You are a certified arborist. (required to advance to crew leader)
  16. You spend time learning leadership skills in preparation for the next position. 


Items 1-6 considered entry level climbing skills. 

Items 7-12 are mid level but these methods and techniques evolve and so should your knowledge and skills in these areas. 

Item 13: A climber with a clean driving record and a class A commercial driver license will be worth more. 

Items 14-16 you are now peaking the pay scale and tipping into or advancing into the next position of crew leader. 

All applicants will be tested and background checked to confirm competency in these areas. If you are interested and qualified, then please fill out the online application form found at this link: 

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