“Who Wouldn’t Want an Arbor PRO?”

Why Us?

You will like working with us because…

  1. You are our focus and we are fanatical about serving you.
  2. Making your property safe is our priority – That is why you are offered a free tree risk inspection.
  3. You will be promptly treated with professionalism & courtesy.
  4. You take pride in your yard and so do we.
  5. You will be covered by full licensing & million-dollar insurance policies.
  6. You will find our employees are well trained, trustworthy, pleasant and customer service-oriented.
  7. You will never be sold a service that is not necessary and we will always differentiate between necessary & optional.
  8. You will notice our attention to detail… especially cleaning up your yard!

I am Mike Cross, CEO and managing partner of Arbor Pros.

Since 2002 I have made it my mission to protect my clients, their family and property from dangerous trees by preserving healthy trees and removing those that will cause harm.

I have vowed to provide these services in a way that “WOWs” YOU – the client. I promise to “Raise Standards in Arbor Care” in such a way that others will want to follow us to success. I will put Safety before all else, Team before myself and take Pride in everything that I do! – I AM AN ARBORPRO!

These are the same principles that we hire, coach and train our staff to live by. It is a culture we know internally as “S.T.P.” Safety – Team – Pride.

SAFETY comes before all else; TEAM before myself, and PRIDE in everything that I do.

S.T.P. keeps our tree service well oiled for serving you and your trees.

If you are willing to listen to our education and recommendations please call us for a TREE HEALTH AND HAZARD INSPECTION. Clients that PROACTIVELY follow this process will be less REACTIVE when the next storm comes. 

Your property will be safer, your trees healthier, and more beautiful!

Please call 850-445-6505 to request a quote or visit www.arborpros.com.

Can’t wait to talk to you!t to talk to you!

Mike Cross,

CEO – Managing Partner of Arbor Pros Expert Tree Co.

I.S.A. Certified Arborist/ Certified Tree Worker

Certified Tree Care Safety Professional

Qualified Tree Risk Assessor – FL-5841AT

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